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Peter Mbweku

Peter Mbweku

Founder & C.E.O of Learningaid.africa

Peter Mbweku is an Software developer& internet Engineer. He is known for co-founding Sigmasystems Pvt Ltd and is a Partner & Director of Technology at Tendertube.  He is also Founder & CEO of Learning Aid Africa in a bit to facilitate rich Knowledge, education and skills to empower the African People and the World at Large.

Core Competencies
Project Management | Software and network System Development and maintenance | Training and Tutoring | Computer & Cyber Security | Strategic Planning |  Database Management | Software Testing and Evaluation | Operations Management | Cloud Computing | Video & Photo Production & Editing | Digital Marketing strategies & Implementation.


Professional Skills




  • - User administration (setup and maintaining account)
  • - Maintaining system.
  • - Arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure.
  • - Monitor system performance.
  • Create file systems.
  • - Install software.
  • - Developing and implementing new software programs, languages used includes (PhP,C#, ASP, Javascript , Jquery,  Java).
  • - Maintaining and improving the performance of existing software applications.
  • - Design, update and maintenance of database systems.
  • - Participate actively in development and deployment in the related projects and digital initiatives.
  • - Lead analyst for new solutions and enhancements to existing applications – Digital Channels.

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